Cluey Voter makes it easy to vote below the line to really make your vote count.

Current Election

There are currently no upper house elections in Australia.

How Cluey Voter Works

First, select your election. This takes you to the Order Groups page where you specify your support for various groups (parties and independents) according to the following simple scale:

There is no need to do this for each and every group. What's important is to specify your support (or otherwise) for the groups you really care about. Leave the rest as don't care Don't care. Click the Sort button to view groups in your preferred order. Groups you support will rise to the top of the list. This video explains the process.

Next, move to the Rank Candidates page, where Cluey Voter ranks your below-the-line choices according to your group order. This numbering is automatically generated from the way you ordered groups while preserving the ballot order of candidates within each group. This is in no way a recommendation on how to vote though. Make any adjustments to candidate order or go back and tweak the group order.

When you're finished, click on the Check button to check that the numbering is complete. Hey presto! You now have an accurate personal guide to voting below the line.

To learn more, read frequently asked questions or the archive. Please spread the word if you find Cluey Voter useful in voting below the line.

Contact Details

Developed by Alan Noble on twitter and email. Also check out Alan's ocean project.

Privacy Statement, Terms of Use and Copyright

Similar to other web services, Cluey Voter is hosted on Google App Engine which records log information (e.g., browser type, IP address, date and time of access) as further explained in the Google App Engine Privacy Notice; but Cluey Voter will not record the contents of your voting preferences. Google's terms of service can be found here.

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