Australian Senate for the Northern Territory, Federal Election, 21 August 2010 (7 groups)
Group Name Against a lot Against a little Don't care Support a little Support a lot
A Australian Sex Party
B Shooters and Fishers
C Country Liberals (NT)
D Citizens Electoral Council
E Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch
F The Greens
UG Independent
Australian Sex Party
1. SHUTT, Seranna Jane
2. LEITENS, Shana Louise
Shooters and Fishers
1. HOARE, Phillip
2. GRAHAM, Matt
Country Liberals (NT)
1. SCULLION, Nigel
2. HARKER, Rhianna
Citizens Electoral Council
1. WORK, Vernon
Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch
1. CROSSIN, Trish
2. GARDINER, Matthew John
The Greens
1. WILLIAMS, Warren H
2. HUDSON, Debbie
1. LEE, Ian
2. RYAN, Maurie Japarta
3. DEAN, Duncan