Australian Senate for the Northern Territory, Federal Election, 7 September 2013 (12 groups)
Group Name Against a lot Against a little Don't care Support a little Support a lot
A Palmer United Party
B Uniting Australia Party
C Stable Population Party
D A.F.N.P.P.
E Country Liberals (NT)
F Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch
G Sex Party
H Citizens Electoral Council
I Shooters and Fishers
J Rise Up Australia Party
K Australian Greens
L Australian Independents
Palmer United Party
1. TE WAKE, Douglas
2. McCABE, John Brian Douglas
Uniting Australia Party
1. BELL, Gary
2. WATT, Kathryn
Stable Population Party
1. MILES, Jim
2. RUSSELL, Mark
1. KUNOTH-MONKS, Rosalie
2. GADAMBUA, Jeannie
Country Liberals (NT)
1. SCULLION, Nigel
2. FAZLDEEN, Linda
Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch
1. PERIS, Nova
2. FOLEY, Rowan
Sex Party
1. EDWARDS, Joanne Louise
2. RANDALL, Tracey Lee
Citizens Electoral Council
1. WORK, Vernon
Shooters and Fishers
1. GRAHAM, Matt
2. RIGHTON, Christopher James
Rise Up Australia Party
1. PILE, Jan
2. COX, Michael
Australian Greens
1. WILLIAMS, Warren H
2. BRAND, Michael
Australian Independents
1. WALCOTT, Phil
2. FUTCHER, Lisa