Australian Senate for Queensland, Federal Election, 21 August 2010 (24 groups)
Group Name Against a lot Against a little Don't care Support a little Support a lot
A Senator On-Line
B Carers Alliance
C Not Affiliated
D Family First
E Shooters and Fishers
F Not Affiliated
G Not Affiliated
H One Nation
I Not Affiliated
J Australian Democrats
K Australia First Party
L Secular Party of Australia
M The Climate Sceptics
N Citizens Electoral Council
O Liberal National Party of Queensland
P Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
Q Australian Sex Party
R The Greens
S Socialist Alliance
T Australian Labor Party
U Liberal Democrats (LDP)
V D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party
W Christian Democratic Party
UG Independent
Senator On-Line
1. READING, Scott
2. EMBREY, Joh
Carers Alliance
1. VETTER, Anne
2. HORNE, Vicki
Group C
1. SPENCER, Paul
2. SPENCER, Mary
Family First
1. FRANCIS, Wendy
2. FINDLAY, Peter
3. NICKSON, Amanda
Shooters and Fishers
1. PETER, Andrew Mark
2. HUGGETT, Chris
Group F
1. PYKE, John Richard
2. TOOLEY, Christopher Ronald
Group G
2. GUERIN, Lachlan
One Nation
1. EVANS, Rod
2. NELSON, Ian J
Group I
1. WATTIE, Russell
2. DOWELL, John
Australian Democrats
1. STEVENSON, Paul Joseph
2. CLUSE, Jennifer
Australia First Party
1. SCHUBACK, Peter
2. MAINE, Nick
Secular Party of Australia
2. SHELTON, Peter
The Climate Sceptics
1. CARDWELL, Terence Leonard
2. JONES, Lance Herbert
Citizens Electoral Council
1. THIES, Robert
2. HETHERINGTON, Maurice Verney
Liberal National Party of Queensland
1. BRANDIS, George Henry
2. JOYCE, Barnaby
3. MASON, Brett
4. TROOD, Russell
5. BOYD, Julie
Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party
1. DOUGLAS, Keith
2. MANSFIELD, Michael
Australian Sex Party
1. GIBSON, Desiree Lee
2. SHEEN, Tim
The Greens
1. WATERS, Larissa
2. CONNORS, Elizabeth Louise Alice
3. STIRLING, Jenny
Socialist Alliance
1. WATSON, Sam
2. LOWE, David
Australian Labor Party
1. LUDWIG, Joe
2. McLUCAS, Jan
3. SMITH, David
4. FENTIMAN, Shannon
Liberal Democrats (LDP)
1. FRYAR, Jim
2. FULTON, Robert
D.L.P. - Democratic Labor Party
2. BARR, Angelique Maree
3. JACKSON, Noel W
Christian Democratic Party
1. BRICE, Malcolm
2. VOGEL, Tony
1. WHITE, Mark
3. SMITH, Mark Leslie Chapman
4. WIRTH, Jarrod John
5. PYKE, Peter
6. CARROLL, Maurie